Latest donations

Drama Group donates …..

General - £100.00

Thank you to the Drama Group from Finedon's Townswomen's Guild who donated this amount to Crazy Hats. x

Slimming World 5p’s soon add up!!

General - £431.10

Well done to all the members of Siobhan Hughes' Slimming World Class in Wellingborough who have donated their change (5p's) at each session. The amount raised is an awful amount of 5p's!! Thank you so much. xx

Sponsored Headshave raises hundreds of £’s!!

General - £1,299.03

A huge thank you to Wendy Lattanzi and her friends and family for raising such an incredible amount following your headshave. Such support is greatly valued and the amount will help us tremendously. xx

Thank you Mr & Mrs Osborne

General - £250.00

Thank you for this very kind and generous donation. x

Friends of John and June Sivils make donation

General - £25.00

Thank you to Mrs M.D. Chapman for her very kind donation - we really appreciate your support. x

People of Wollaston keep up their support

Collection pots - £55.24 and £18.55

We thank staff and customers at Wollaston Co-op and at Wollaston Post Office for their generosity and continued support - support that goes back many years!!! Special thanks to 'Fred' from the post office for his donation of raffle prizes too xx

BBC Radio Northampton presenter shows his support

Spontaneous!! - £30.00

Glennis was recently invited to go on John Griff's afternoon show on BBC Radio Northampton to talk about her life and to share some of her favourite pieces of memorable music. It was a moving. but very enjoyable experience. At the end of the show John suddenly presented Glennis with a donation. Thank you John - this really is very special. xx

Val Blason – a wonderful supporter

General - £200.00

Our love and thoughts are with Val and her family on the sad passing of her husband. So typical of Val that she should want to make a donation to us at such a difficult time. Thank you Val. Take care. xx

Tap Dancers support the cause

General - £67.00

Special thanks to Jane Tyler and her group of tap dancers who must have exerted a lot of energy to raise this amount- as well as having a lot of fun no doubt!

Another collection pot donation!

General - £78.33

Sincere thanks to Lynda Eydmann for donating the contents of her collection pot. It's amazing just how much these pots contain! x

Queensway Medical Centre show their support

General - £22.60

We're not quite sure how this amount was raised but whatever they did to make this donation to Crazy Hats, we are very grateful. Thank you. x

Stablehire continue to give such amazing support

General - from collction pot - £59.36

For many years John Savage, from Stablehire, has instigated having one of our collection pots on his counter and has, in that time, raised hundreds of pounds from his generous customers. Thank you John - thank you customers!

Given with love ….

General - £250.00

All we can say is ...... thank you Pauline! xxxx

Fred continues with his support

General - £10.00

Very often we receive a visit from Fred and Georgina Harris from Wellingborough. They have supported us for many years. Georgina is an avid knitter and donates dozens of wonderful knitted items and Fred often comes up with crazy ideas of raising funds. We're not sure what this one entailed but a previous donation came about through Fred wearing a Crazy Hats shirt for a day. Keep them coming Fred - we really appreciate your sense of fun and support! xx

In memory of Barbara March

In memory of .... - £452.00

Our love and thanks go to the family of the late Barbara March who sadly passed away last year. Thank you for thinking of Crazy Hats at such a sad and difficult time in your lives. We are truly grateful for your wonderful donation and for your support, knowing the amount will help us considerably to continue with our services. RIP Barbara. xxx

Cat gives Christmas donation!!

Unusual!! - £25.00

John and June Sivils from Barton Seagrave have been loyal members of Crazy Hats for many years. Sadly, June, was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time last year and we are pleased to say she is coping really well with her treatment. Her friend wanted to give her a Christmas present but June didn't want it. June loves cats so the friend said this was a donation from her cat - how could she refuse? June then chose to pass on her donation to Crazy Hats - thank you June - keep well! xxx

In Memory or Rita

In memory of - £600.00

Our love and thanks go to Roy (Allen) and his family and friends who generously donated this wonderful amount, in lieu of flowers, in memory of his wife, Rita, who sadly passed away in December 2015. Rita was a very good friend of Crazy Hats and both she and Roy have supported us so well. Our love and thoughts are with the family. Please don't be a stranger Roy. xxxx

Christmas Greetings from a supporter

General Donation - £20.00

This kind and generous donation came from Wendy Wynne, a good friend of our Chair, Heather, who lives in Harrold, Beds and always asks after Crazy Hats. Thank you Wendy! xxxx

Ultimate Physique step out for Crazy Hats

Sponsored Event - £1,321.00

Alan Benjamin, who runs Ultimate Physique in Northampton, held a Zumbathon recently and his members raised a staggering amount. We admire your fitness and, of course, your wonderful support! xxx

Therapies Open Day raises funds

General Donation - £200.00

Barbara Lewis and colleagues from Balanced Life Therapies and Training for Therapists in Kettering held an Open Day in December and raised funds not only for Crazy Hats but for Cransley Hospice, ICT and Prostaid. We are very grateful to everyone who contributed to this generous amount.
They said:
"We trust you will be able to make use of this donation and I personally wish to thank you for your support for my friend this year." Thank you. xxxx

Crazy Hats member shows support ….

General Donation - £40.00

Thank you to loyal member, Clare Greely who, once again sent us a generous donation this Christmas - as always, we are very grateful. xxxx

Support from the Breast Clinic at Kettering General Hospital

General Donation - £15.00

We were thrilled to receive a cheque from the Coding Department via the Breast Clinic at Kettering General Hospital - our aim is to donate yet more funds to support more projects at the hospital as in the past so every donation we receive helps us to do this. Thank you. xx

Christmas Cakes raise funds ….

General Donation - £220.00

This is what Mrs Amber Throssell said when she donated this generous amount to us ......
"I would like to donate this cheque for £170 and £50cash to your charity, which is the proceeds from me baking three Christmas Cakes and raffling one of them off where I work; my daughter raffling one off where she works and I also raffled one off to friends via Facebook etc. from home. My younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year (2015) - just before her 5oth birthday but hopefully, after two operations and an intensive course of radiotherapy she is going to be OK as luckily, hers wasn't aggressive. I have done your walk over the past few years and I admire all the good work that you do as none of us know who this will affect next. Keep up the good work and I hope that you get your wish for bigger premises!"
Huge thanks Amber - we do hope your sister continues to do well after her treatment - she must be very proud of you. xxx

Further Christmas support

General Donation - £20.00

Member, Mrs Joan Coles, has loyally supported Crazy Hats for many years. Once again, this Christmas Joan has sent a further donation. Thank you Joan - we are truly grateful. xxx

School Cook continues her support ….

General Donation - £15.00

When Glennis started her teaching career back in 1976, Elsie, the school cook, has remained in touch and is a good friend of Crazy Hats. Every year, for many years, she has supported our charity. Thank you Elsie - you are very special. xxxx

Irthlingborough Salvation Army show their support

General Donation - £70.00

Mrs Eileen Hale sent us a lovely Christmas card with a generous cheque from the Salvation Army Home League telling us to keep up the good work! Thank you to your wonderful group - we are very grateful. xx

Christmas Charity Fun Day

General Donation - £1,750.00

Leigh-Ann Monk, Samantha Eales and Aaron Monk were responsible for organising a huge Christmas Family Fun Day in December at the County Cricket Ground in Northampton. After a great deal of hard work on their part it was a really successful event and was very well attended. They raised an incredible £3,500 and split the money between us and Parkinsons UK who must be feeling as we are - very grateful! Well done and huge thanks to everyone for such amazing support. xxx (Our volunteers loved the day!)
"We were thrilled to raise money for such a wonderful cause."

The true meaning of Christmas ……

General - £500.00 +

Every Christmas it never ceases to amaze us as to the generosity of people. As well as anonymous donations we receive donations from a multitude of people, many of whom have given on a regular basis. Here are just a few of the lovely people who have supported us ....
Babs Waters, Gill Osborne, Anne and Tom, Anne and Bill, Southfield School, Sheila Jeffreys, Elsie Johnson, Claire Greely, Miss J Coles, Jackie Kilsby, Leicester Terrace Surgery, KGH Coding Dept. (Breast Clinic) ........ THANK YOU !!! xxxx

NCCC – Beaujolais Lunch

General Donation - £3,000.00

Over the past few years we have been very fortunate to receive very generous donations from the Chairman at Northants County Cricket Club (Rose of the Shires) who organises a unique Beaujolais Lunch. This year we were presented with an incredible £3,000 - the highest yet. We are so grateful - thank you. xxx

Christmas Fair raises funds for Crazy Hats

General Donation - £134.00 + £50.00

We were invited along to stand at the United Reform Church Xmas Fair (and proudly open it!) and were thrilled when they donated 10% of their profits. This was really kind and generous of them. Furthermore, at our Craft Fair a group of ladies had a stall and presented us with an additional donation of £50 from their sales. Thank you to you all. xxx

Quilt Raffle raises substantial amount!

General Donation via raffle ticket sales - £550.00

Talented quilter, Pam Hudson, very kindly and painstakingly made a superb king size black and white quilt which we raffled off over a few weeks. The draw was made at our Craft Fair where we realised an amazing £550 was raised. The winner is going to present it to her niece so that it can be passed down as a family heirloom and the story behind the quilt carried on. Huge thanks Pam! this level of support is wonderful. xxx

Yearly donation of 50p’s

General Donation - £184.00

Valued member, Doreen Wise, has for the past few years been saving her 50p's for Crazy Hats. This year she proudly presented them to us at our Craft Fair. Thank you Doreen, your continued support really is appreciated and admired! xx

De-clutter raises funds!

General Donation - £255.00

Tamy Gold, good friend of newly-appointed committee member, Chris Clarke, decided she wanted to de-clutter and generously donated money raised from the sale of some of her items to Crazy Hats. This is a really kind and generous gesture - thank you! (What a good way to raise funds too - we all have unwanted clutter around!)

Iron Man Team from Bokomo (Wellingborough)

Sponsored Team Event - £576.50

A gallant team from Bokomo bravely took part in the Iron Man event at Cranford and together raised an incredible amount for Crazy Hats - thank you to everyone who took part!