Hospital News

Crazy Hats supports all aspects of breast cancer care in three hospitals:

  • Kettering General Hospital
  • Northampton General Hospital
  • Leicester Royal Infirmary (Plastic Surgery/Breast Reconstruction)

Trustees work very closely with Consultants and medical personnel in breast screening, surgery, oncology and breast reconstruction to discuss areas of need and how best the charity can help and how best to utilise funds available. Money raised by the charity and money generously given by the community is not just simply handed over to the hospitals; before any project is agreed consultants are rigorously questioned so that all aspects of use and cost of the project are covered.

After the very first Crazy Hats Day back in 2002, when £20,000 was pledged to KGH to support the building of the new Treatment Centre, housing the one-stop breast service, over £1.8 million, in three hospitals and other areas, has now been donated to fund a vast array of projects ranging from simple to more complex items of surgical equipment; diagnostic equipment for breast screening; revamping mobile screening vans, decorating wards and quiet rooms, consultation rooms, chemotherapy suite, staff rooms, creating cafés, purchasing televisions, computer resources, providing nipple tattooing services, setting up websites; patient information services, wheelchairs, beauty rooms, aromatherapy and lymphedema equipment, couches, chairs, capes, bags ….. all kinds of things to help patients and staff to make a difference and enhance breast cancer care. The list is endless; the list continues ……..

It can be said that the NHS should provide all that is needed but we know that is not the case. We believe that in making donations to our local hospitals we, as a charity, speed up the process of the departments having the latest equipment NOW – not two/three years down the line when medical chiefs, after endless meetings and consultations, approve the go-ahead, or not. Our belief is that if certain equipment is available and the hospitals need it to keep abreast of new technologies etc. then it should be made available for use NOW. It may be a small contribution but we know the difference these contributions can make to anyone going through breast cancer.