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Why not become a member of Crazy Hats?

By paying an annual subscription of £15.00 we will keep you posted of all the charity’s news and invite you to attend events planned by the charity and for the charity. We always welcome members to our office for a chat and to see first-hand what it takes to run a charity. Many members become actively involved in activities, especially at busy times of the year. Member’s subscriptions help to keep our website alive as well as keeping our postage and printing costs to a minimum, enabling us to reach more and more people. By letting members know what is currently happening we hope they will help spread the word and encourage others to get involved; encouraging others to organise fund raising events of their own. We have many members who organise themed tea and coffee parties and these have always proved to be very popular and well-attended; with everyone rallying round the workload is minimal and a lot of fun and satisfaction is guaranteed – in fact many say it is quite addictive and some events are now firm fixtures in the charity’s diary.

We do our utmost not to ‘hound’ our valued members but we are always interested to hear their views about Crazy Hats and, of course, their ideas for moving the charity forward. One way of doing this is by attending our Annual General Meeting held in November. As well as organising events for us many members call in to see us with unwanted gifts and items for use at many of our raffles and tombolas; many make cakes for us or make craft items; many put us in touch with ‘people who can’ – whatever they offer, we are truly grateful.