In Memory of dear members and supporters who are no longer with us

Friends taken too soon ......

In 2015 it saddened us when we lost so many dear people who had become great friends of the charity but were taken from us too soon ……

Andrea Procter

Sarah Gee

Tania Beck

Liz Elliott

Pauline Doherty

Rita Allen

Our love and our thoughts are with all their families, as they are with the families of others that we may not have known but were generous and thoughtful in thinking of Crazy Hats by sending donations in lieu of flowers.  Rest in peace. xxxx

Ted Harmer

It is with great sadness we report on the death of Ted Harmer, from Wollaston, another of our valued Honorary Members who died on September 16th 2014. Ted and his wife, Rose, (Parents of the late Jan Brown, our dear Treasurer for many years) have always supported Crazy Hats with great enthusiasm and belief. Ted will be missed by us all but we know Rose will continue with her support and we will, of course, keep in touch. Our love, our thoughts and our thanks are with her and her family. God bless.

Mamie Hooper

Mother of Founder, Glennis Hooper, fondly remembered for cutting the ribbon at the start of each of the Annual Walks who sadly died on December 3rd 2013 aged 89.

Mamie was a wonderful supporter of the charity and believed that should we ever reach £1million it would be a good time to bring it to a close, thinking it would take years and years to achieve such a total. How proud she would be, knowing that over double that figure has been reached.  Mamie’s memory will always live on and we will all remember her with affection during the minute’s silence before the start of the next and every Walk to come.

Although blind and unable to see the wonderful array of hats Mamie’s memories of the Walks are meeting and talking to so many wonderful people; she used to love listening to the ‘buzz’ of the event.

“The Mamie Hooper Award” is presented to the team wearing the craziest hats.

God Bless Mamie. You are sorely missed. xxx